The Awards report looks at the awards earned by your cohort students.  It gives you detailed information on the type of the awards earned, the gender and ethnicity of the award earners, the type of awards earned and where the students' earned the award.

The By Gender and Ethnicity(1) table identifies the award earners by their gender and their ethnicity.


The By Program (Top) Title(1) table displays the awards earned by the top title for all the students in the cohort that have earned an award.


The By Award Type(1) table displays the type of an award that was earned: AA, AS, Certificate of 60 units or more, Certificate of 30-59 Units.


The By College of Award & Top-4 Title(2) table identifies where your cohort students earned their awards and by what program.


(1) The tables used in the examples are from the 1996 Cohort Statewide Award report.

(2) The table used in the example is from the 1996 Cohort the College of Alameda Award report.

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